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Choosing a health insurance provider is a difficult choice for many Americans. Using qualified leads results in spending time more effectively on potential clients that are reaching out to you. Buying health leads helps.

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Why Medical Debt Is Soaring Out of Control
Though provisions in the president’s health reform law were intended to help address the nation’s growing medical debt crisis, Americans are still sinking in health care related debt -- and it’s only going to get worse. Medical debt has steadily climbed in the last five years and it is now the leading cause of bankruptcy in the country. Today, one in five Americans has some level of medical debt ...
How low-wage Walmart workers may benefit from company no longer offering insurance to part-timers
Just a quick addendum to Leslie's post on Walmart ending health insurance benefits to part-time workers. In many cases, low-wage workers may actually be better off because of Walmart dropping health insurance coverage. That's because they can only get subsidies to buy Obamacare plans if they don't get offered employer-sponsored insurance. Lower-income people get more generous subsidies, so in ...
Community health center expansion brings savings, challenges
The Alpert Medical School hosted a lecture Monday on Rhode Island’s community health centers.
Speakers Emphasize Need to Integrate Primary, Mental Health Care
A panel of health policy experts and other stakeholders recently discussed how to improve care for patients with both physical and mental health needs.
Why medical debt is spiraling out of control
Medical debt is the leading cause of bankruptcy—and it's only going to get worse, reports the Fiscal Times.
Wonkblog: Digital health firms are raising a ton of money in the Obamacare era
A changing health-care system means big rewards for companies that can help make sense of things.
Panel probes disparity in Mass. behavioral-health spending
By Andy Metzger State House News Service BOSTON -- Public health insurance under the state Medicaid program in Massachusetts spends more per person on behavioral health care than commercial plans, according to an analysis recently presented
It's time to get mad about the outrageous cost of health care
Person for person, health care in the U.S. costs about twice as much as it does in the rest of the developed world. In fact, if our $3 trillion health care sector were its own country, it would b...
Take Your Medicine, Tap Your Phone And Collect A Prize
Apps offer games and rewards to keep you taking your prescription medicine. While rewards may not be for everyone, they could give some people a helpful motivational boost.
Not what it seems
Last week it was announced that Vermont's health insurance web site, Vermont Health Connect, was being taken offline line for two months to deal with security issues and to prepare for open enrollment in November.
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