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Choosing a health insurance provider is a difficult choice for many Americans. Using qualified leads results in spending time more effectively on potential clients that are reaching out to you. Buying health leads helps.

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India's battle against unneeded medical care finds World Bank support
By Aditya Kalra NEW DELHI (Reuters) - India needs to curtail excessive medical care that leads to patient overspending as more people get health insurance, the World Bank said on Thursday, adding voice to a growing chorus against overtreatment in the country. Practices such as "defensive medicine" and aggressive marketing by hospitals, which cost the United States an estimated $250 billion to ...
A new clinic - and model of health-care delivery - promises to be affordable. Dr. Zubin Damania of Turntable Clinic and Las Vegas City Manager Betsy Fretwell.
Wear This Device So the Boss Knows You’re Losing Weight
To fight rising medical costs, oil company BP Plc (BP) last year offered Cory Slagle -- a 260-pound former football lineman -- an unusual way to trim $1,200 from his annual insurance bill. One option was to wear a fitness-tracking bracelet from Fitbit Inc. to earn points toward cheaper health insurance. Twelve months later, Slagle has added to his new exercise regimen by trading burgers for ...
Fitbit could be your weight-loss promise to the boss
To fight rising medical costs, oil company BP last year offered Cory Slagle - a 118-kilogram former football lineman - an unusual way to trim NZ$1400 from his annual insurance bill.
Obamacare Contraception Plan Part II
NEW YORK ( MainStreet ) — On Friday the Obama administration announced its response to the Supreme Court's Hobby Lobby decision from last term . The controversial decision held that for-profit corporations can state a religious objection to the Affordable Care Act's requirement that all insurance plans provide no cost birth control for women . The proposed rule from the Department of Health and ...
Home Sweet RV Does Not Always Produce Best Tax Result
Having recreational vehicles considered dwellings for tax purposes is probably, more often than not, a taxpayer-friendly position.  It makes the interest to acquire such vehicles potentially deductible as residence interest, which is handy, since a really nice motor home can cost more than most houses.  Dellward and Judith Jackson, however, found the downside of RVs being treated as dwellings ...
A Silver Lining in the Legal Threats to Obamacare?
The battle over Obamacare has shifted to the courts. This time, the president is on the defensive. Last month, a three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit ruled 2-1 in Halbig v. Burwell that the federal government lacks the authority to provide subsidies to offset the [...]
Steps address ageing population, rising costs
Hong Kong has long enjoyed the benefits of an effective dual-track healthcare system, by which the public and private healthcare sectors complement each other. Healthcare expenditure accounts for 5.1% of our GDP. The public sector, which is heavily subsidised by the Government, is the predominant provider of secondary and tertiary healthcare services. With 27,000 public hospital beds, the ...
Health Care Outcomes: When the More Effective Choice Costs More
Better models of care will go a long way toward spurring health care providers to make better choices between increased costs and improved outcomes, Wharton's Mark Pauly writes.
Editorial: What's troubling mental-health care?
These are the next steps for Washington state on mental-health challenges, found through months of conversations with mental-health professionals, policymakers, elected officials and the people who have been caught without the help they need — people with mental illness, and their families.
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